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Posted by Eric Gunnewegh at 7:56 on Thursday 14 December    Add 'JUnit Reloaded' site to delicious  Add 'JUnit Reloaded' site to technorati  Add 'JUnit Reloaded' site to digg  Add 'JUnit Reloaded' site to dzone

JUnit is the most widely used (unit-) testing tool in the Java world. With version 4, Kent Beck and Erich Gamma introduced the first significant API changes in the last few years. When the first release candidate was available back in 2005, you could hardly use it in a productive working environment due to the lack of tool support at that time. By now, most build tools and IDEs come with support for JUnit 4, so it’s about time to give it a try. This article describes what’s different compared to JUnit 3.8.x.

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