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Posted by Barend Garvelink at 13:57 on Friday 22 December    Add 'Compiling Java to JavaScript' site to delicious  Add 'Compiling Java to JavaScript' site to technorati  Add 'Compiling Java to JavaScript' site to digg  Add 'Compiling Java to JavaScript' site to dzone

Op Artima staat een interessant interview met Scott Blum, de Google engineer die verantwoordelijk is voor de Java-naar-JavaScript compiler in de Google Web Toolkit. Zoals ze het bij Artima zelf samenvatten:

A key feature of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is that it allows developers to write browser-hosted Web applications entirely in Java, and have GWT translate that Java code into browser-specific JavaScript. In this interview with Artima, Scott Blum, the Google software engineer behind GWT’s Java-to-JavaScript compiler, talks about the challenges of turning Java source code into JavaScript.


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