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Posted by Martijn van de Rijdt at 18:48 on Saturday 14 August    Add 'Building a JavaFX project with Maven' site to delicious  Add 'Building a JavaFX project with Maven' site to technorati  Add 'Building a JavaFX project with Maven' site to digg  Add 'Building a JavaFX project with Maven' site to dzone

JavaFX is a fairly new language, so I was curious to see if Maven plugins to build JavaFX projects were already available. After considering the FEST JavaFX Plugin and after a failed attempt to get the Plexus Compiler Component for javafxc working, I decided to try out the JFrog JavaFX Compiler Maven Plugin.

According to the site, I wouldn’t have to do much. Under the plugins tag in my pom I would need to add the following:


Besides that, I would need to add a reference to the JFrog repository to either my settings.xml file or the project’s pom, in order to download the plugin itself. For this little experiment I decided to just add it to the pom. The instructions said I’d only need a reference to their plugins-releases-local repository, but this wasn’t enough; in order to have access to the JavaFX libraries themselves I also had to add their libs-releases-local repository. I ended up with the following profile:


Finally, in order to compile everything, of course I would also need to add a dependency for the JavaFX runtime. The site explains how to do this for JavaFX 1.1.1, but I wanted to use JavaFX 1.3.0. Since version 1.1.1, the JavaFX runtime has been split up into a bunch of different jars, such as javafx-common, javafx-anim, javafx-ui-desktop, et cetera. Of course you can add a dependency only for those JavaFX jars you actually need, but I was lazy and just added the following:


The all-sdk pom contains dependencies of all actual JavaFX 1.3.0 jars, so this will ensure you will be able to use the entirety of JavaFX in your project.

After I did all that, the project built successfully!

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