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Posted by Eric Gunnewegh at 8:27 on Thursday 20 July    Add 'What Is Geronimo?' site to delicious  Add 'What Is Geronimo?' site to technorati  Add 'What Is Geronimo?' site to digg  Add 'What Is Geronimo?' site to dzone

Geronimo is the newest Apache-initiated, open source application server. Licensed under the Apache license (version 2.0), Geronimo is a Java EE 1.4 certified app server.

In this article:
- Why Geronimo?
- A Look Under the Hood
- Get Started with Geronimo
- Sample Application
- Deployment Plans
- Code Your First Geronimo App
- Build the App
- Deploy the App
- Test the App

Posted by Hans-J├╝rgen Jacobs at 15:38 on Thursday 15 June    Add 'What Is Jetty' site to delicious  Add 'What Is Jetty' site to technorati  Add 'What Is Jetty' site to digg  Add 'What Is Jetty' site to dzone

Of course Tomcat is the first Java application server you think of, but is it the right tool for every job? The open source Jetty serves up JSPs and servlets in just a fraction of the memory needed by other app servers and is designed for easy embedding in other applications and non-traditional Java environments. Ethan McCallum takes a look at the big things in this small package. []

Posted by Ruud Steeghs at 19:22 on Tuesday 21 February    Add 'J2EE Without the Application Server' site to delicious  Add 'J2EE Without the Application Server' site to technorati  Add 'J2EE Without the Application Server' site to digg  Add 'J2EE Without the Application Server' site to dzone

J2EE apps sound big because they usually are big, running on big enterprise-class application servers–servers that often provide a lot of functionality that you don’t really want or need. In this article, Guy Pardon advocates a mix-and-match approach to combining Spring with best-of-breed persistence and transaction frameworks to build enterprise applications without a traditional J2EE app server.

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