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Posted by Willem van de Griendt at 0:55 on Thursday 14 January    Add 'SpringSource Offers dm Server to Eclipse' site to delicious  Add 'SpringSource Offers dm Server to Eclipse' site to technorati  Add 'SpringSource Offers dm Server to Eclipse' site to digg  Add 'SpringSource Offers dm Server to Eclipse' site to dzone

SpringSource wants the Eclipse community to take over ongoing development of its dm Server. The chief commercial sponsor of the open source Spring Framework project announced on Tuesday that a proposal to make dm Server part of the Eclipse Runtime Project had already been submitted to under the project name “Virgo.” Read more

Posted by Jan-Hendrik Kuperus at 11:08 on Monday 23 March    Add 'SpringSource DM Server – Architecture' site to delicious  Add 'SpringSource DM Server – Architecture' site to technorati  Add 'SpringSource DM Server – Architecture' site to digg  Add 'SpringSource DM Server – Architecture' site to dzone

Hello and welcome to the second post in our series of Spring DM server. As Jaap stated in his last post, we are going to chat about SpringSource’s new application server. In this second post, I will take you through the general architecture of the platform.

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Posted by Jaap Coomans at 12:00 on Thursday 5 February    Add 'SpringSource dm Server: the series' site to delicious  Add 'SpringSource dm Server: the series' site to technorati  Add 'SpringSource dm Server: the series' site to digg  Add 'SpringSource dm Server: the series' site to dzone

In the spring of 2008 we (Jan-Hendrik Kuperus and Jaap Coomans) were asked to write a whitepaper about a new product from SpringSource, which was still called SpringSource Application Platform (S2AP) back then. We went to SpringOne in Antwerp to learn more about this new product. Up untill recently the whitepaper didn’t really come of the ground. Therefore we decided to take a new approach: A series of blogs about SpringSource dm Server. Thus in the next few months Jan-Hendrik and I will publish a two weekly blog series about Spring dm Server. In this first blog we present you with a brief introduction to SpringSource dm Server. We’ll also give an overview of subject you can expect in this series.

Brief introduction

For those who are not familiar with the product yet: SpringSource dm Server is a Java server based on OSGi modularity. It bundles several existing Java technologies together in one product: Tomcat, OSGi (Spring Dynamic Modules) and the Spring framework lie at the base of it.


Approximately every two weeks we will post a blog that shines a light on one of the aspects of SpringSource dm Server. To give you some insight on what you may expect below is a list of subjects we are planning to blog about:

  • Architecture overview
  • Installation
  • Tooling
  • OSGi basics and classloading
  • Creating an OSGi bundle
  • Designing a modular application
  • Creating a web application bundle
  • PAR files
  • Deployment and provisioning
  • Logging mechanism
  • Costs and subscription model

If you have any suggestions on topics that are not covered, please feel free to mail your suggestions.

Posted by Jan-Hendrik Kuperus at 21:20 on Wednesday 21 May    Add 'SpringSource Application Platform (S2AP)' site to delicious  Add 'SpringSource Application Platform (S2AP)' site to technorati  Add 'SpringSource Application Platform (S2AP)' site to digg  Add 'SpringSource Application Platform (S2AP)' site to dzone

De post van vandaag is een beetje een vreemde eend in de bijt van de JCN On The Road blog. Ik schrijf namelijk vandaag over een Webinar die ik in alle rust vanuit mijn luie stoel thuis heb gevolgd. Het onderwerp van de Webinar was de nieuwste telg uit de Spring familie: S2AP, oftewel het SpringSource Application Platform. Eind april is hiervan namelijk de eerste beta gereleased en het JCN is er direct bovenop gesprongen. Deze post is een kort verslag van wat ik tijdens de Webinar te zien kreeg.

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