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Posted by Eric Gunnewegh at 8:27 on Thursday 20 July    Add 'What Is Geronimo?' site to delicious  Add 'What Is Geronimo?' site to technorati  Add 'What Is Geronimo?' site to digg  Add 'What Is Geronimo?' site to dzone

Geronimo is the newest Apache-initiated, open source application server. Licensed under the Apache license (version 2.0), Geronimo is a Java EE 1.4 certified app server.

In this article:
- Why Geronimo?
- A Look Under the Hood
- Get Started with Geronimo
- Sample Application
- Deployment Plans
- Code Your First Geronimo App
- Build the App
- Deploy the App
- Test the App

Posted by Hans-Jürgen Jacobs at 17:59 on Friday 3 June    Add 'Geronimo Gbean Architecture' site to delicious  Add 'Geronimo Gbean Architecture' site to technorati  Add 'Geronimo Gbean Architecture' site to digg  Add 'Geronimo Gbean Architecture' site to dzone

Geronimo is built on a J2EE agnostic Kernel and is positioned as a general-purpose Inversion of Control (IoC) framework for components called GBeans. This article explains the theoretical aspects of the IoC framework, describes the GBean lifecycle, and shows how to write a simple GBean. [theserverside]

Posted by Hans-Jürgen Jacobs at 21:22 on Sunday 19 December    Add 'A first look at Apache Geronimo' site to delicious  Add 'A first look at Apache Geronimo' site to technorati  Add 'A first look at Apache Geronimo' site to digg  Add 'A first look at Apache Geronimo' site to dzone

When released, Geronimo will be the first J2EE-certified open source server. This article will give you the basics you need for developing and deploying J2EE applications on Geronimo. Examples include a simple Web application, a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) connection pool, and a simple EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) component. []

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