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Posted by Eric Gunnewegh at 8:25 on Tuesday 25 July    Add 'Introduction to StAX' site to delicious  Add 'Introduction to StAX' site to technorati  Add 'Introduction to StAX' site to digg  Add 'Introduction to StAX' site to dzone

Processing XML documents has become a critical and integral part of most applications being developed today. Depending on different environments, there are various ways to process an XML document within a program. All these can be broadly categorized into two approaches:

1) Tree-based APIs: DOM (Document Object Model) implementations use this technique.

2) Event-based APIs: When this type of a parser is given some XML to process, it sends out events corresponding to the information items it finds.

JSR-173 offers the Streaming API for XML, StAX, which allows the client much more control and a more sensible approach to XML parsing.

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