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Posted by Hans-J├╝rgen Jacobs at 12:13 on Wednesday 20 May    Add 'Recommended TDD Tutorials' site to delicious  Add 'Recommended TDD Tutorials' site to technorati  Add 'Recommended TDD Tutorials' site to digg  Add 'Recommended TDD Tutorials' site to dzone

Op InfoQ staat een zeer handig en leerzaam overzicht van TDD resources. Er zijn zaken te vinden als tutorials, presentaties en hands-on-learning. Als aanvulling hierop kwam ik via twitter een (mij niet bekend) mocking framework tegen met de naam: Mockito (altijd handig bij het TDD‘en).

Posted by Barend Garvelink at 15:05 on Sunday 3 June    Add 'Ruw, maar effectief…' site to delicious  Add 'Ruw, maar effectief…' site to technorati  Add 'Ruw, maar effectief…' site to digg  Add 'Ruw, maar effectief…' site to dzone

Gevonden op internet:

Do you have problems maintaining high test coverage? All code is guilty until tested innocent. Send the untested code to Guantanamo!

Guantanamo is a tool that can delete all code lines that are not covered by tests.

Vet! :-)

Posted by jcn at 17:22 on Tuesday 26 April    Add 'Up Front and Test Driven' site to delicious  Add 'Up Front and Test Driven' site to technorati  Add 'Up Front and Test Driven' site to digg  Add 'Up Front and Test Driven' site to dzone

Up Front and Test Driven is a new article by Doug Rosenberg, Matt Stephens and Mark Collins-Cope. It is an adaptation of a chapter in their book “Agile Development with ICONIX Process.” Instead of test-driven development (TDD) and model-driven development (MDA) representing opposing camps, this article shows how test-first techniques can be an effective tool in a UML-based, but more lightweight, development process. []

Posted by jcn at 21:46 on Thursday 30 December    Add 'Towards Bug-Free Code' site to delicious  Add 'Towards Bug-Free Code' site to technorati  Add 'Towards Bug-Free Code' site to digg  Add 'Towards Bug-Free Code' site to dzone

Test-driven development sometimes sounds better than it turns out to be. Early decisions to tightly couple functional parts of your system can make it a lot less amenable to testing than it ought to be. As Ashwin Jayaprakash shows, J2SE 5.0′s generics make working with abstract classes and interfaces easier than it used to be, which encourages loose coupling and facilitates testing. [ ]

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