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Welcome to the home of the JCN Styleguide. The central location where the Java Competence Network will share its preferred styleguide and conventions with the rest of the world. We believe quality code is a must-have for good and maintainable applications. This page will always contain the latest version of the guide with our Java development guidelines.

Latest Version

The latest version of the JCN Styleguide is version 3.0, released on September 4th, 2008.

Plugin configurations

Having a styleguide is only half of the way to high quality code. The next step is integrating it into the development process. To facilitate this, the Eclipse IDE can be configured to impose the JCN Styleguide rules onto a Java project. Configuration files which conform to the styleguide are available for the Code Formatter, Code Clean Up and Code Templates exist and Checkstyle.

To import these settings into your own copy of Eclipse, right-click each of the files below and save them to your local computer. Then from Eclipse, open Window -> Preferences and import the files on their respective configuration pages. Note: These configuration files were created using Eclipse Ganymede (3.4).

Suggestions? Questions?

As the Java language evolves, experience may provide new insights. That is why the styleguide is never fully complete and is an ongoing effort to keep engineers thinking about code quality. If you have a suggestion, or spotted an inconsistency, you can contact us at the following email address:
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